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Music from the Roadhouse

20 tracks, including songs from Roadhouse performers and key moments in the series.

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Twin Peaks(Limited Event Series Soundtrack)

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18 tracks include previously unreleased Angelo Badalamenti compositions.

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Welcome to The Search for the Zone. Here you will find writings, links, and other bits and pieces as we find the time and inclination to post them up. This site is a journal of my (and my partner’s) fascination with multidimensional/time travel, dark matter, the afterlife, etc. We are interested in a lot of things, but these are the main topics of discussion…

We will have to reconcile with the question that if someone from outside our familiar world gains access to our plane of existence, what ramifications will that entail? There might be forces at work from deep dimensional space, or from the future…or are these one in the same? Think of the events that could have splintered time? The things that could have laid the seed for a starting point for this development? Perhaps technological innovations or the assassination of President Kennedy?

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Science Fiction has been a source of enjoyment for me since I was ten years old, when I read Orphans of The Sky.

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